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Cannes 2024 – Line Up

Here is our line-up at this year’s Cannes Marché du film:

Edgy Media – The Vanguard of Independent Cinema

At Edgy Media, we’re more than just a film production company; we’re a collective of storytellers, innovators, and dreamers committed to the pulse of independent cinema. Nestled in the heart of the film industry, we’ve carved out a niche where bold ideas meet cinematic craftsmanship, creating a sanctuary for stories that defy convention and challenge perspectives.

What we do

Elevating Independent Cinema, One Film at a Time

At Edgy Media, we are dedicated to the art and craft of independent filmmaking. Our mission is to bring bold, innovative, and compelling stories to the screen, offering a platform for voices that challenge, inspire, and provoke.

The Backstage

Selected Filmography

My Grandpa is an Alien
Les Fameux Gars
Tuk Tuk Eye